I watch people masturbating, showering, caught having sex on hidden cameras and more.. There are no limits!

Don't leave your window or door open, you never know who is watching... I Like Spying!

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The Bedroom Voyeur

Candid pictures of girlfriends and boyfriends being intimate, pictures of girls laying on the bed showing their big asses, guys busting a nut on a girls back... Do I need to write more? I think you get the "picture", Heh!


Watching Lisa Sleep

spying sleeping woman
Photos of a sexy woman from a video camera using a nightvision lens. These type of photos are very popular with voyeurs because of their sneaky feel.

This unsuspecting woman is so vulnerable and in one picture you can see the spying voyeur wanting to fulfill his urge of touching her while she sleeps.


Naked In The Window

naked woman in window
Lucious nipples!

That's the highlight of this set of photos taken by a fellow spying voyeur, in my opinion. This woman has a very sexy body and I hope she continues to undress in front of windows!


Help Me Masturbate

bbw friend masturbate
A horny BBW is caught masturbating in her bedroom with a huge dick-shaped dildo.. The voyeur that took these pictures was in for a suprise, a friend of the BBW stopped by to help her reach her climax!

When a friend is in need, help them out!