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The Bathroom Voyeur

What happens in the bathroom doesn't always say there!

This section is for people like myself, the ones that love watching people use the bathroom. Sexy girls peeing on the toilet, taking showers and baths. Hot guys showering, peeing or shaving.. it does not matter! If you enjoy peeping through bathroom doors, looking through shower curtains and bathroom windows, this is the place for you... enjoy!


Spying on Carol

spying peeing woman
Take a look at these hot pictures of a woman named Carol as she takes a nice piss in the bathroom.

The close-ups of her shaven pussy are really hot!


Lyndsey Peeing

peeing exhibition
A nice set of amatuer photos of a chick named Lyndsey having fun in the bathroom..

There's something kinky about watching someone wipe their pussy, that soft and smooth swipe of between the lips has me biting my lips.


Bathroom Spying

bathroom peeing
This is your classic voyeur gallery of a chick naked in the bathroom, being watched by her boyfriend...

She's looking in the mirror at her tiny body, admiring her small pierced niples and firm butt. Can you imagine the boyfriend getting an erection while watching her, his breathing getting heavy and then.. She sees him in the mirror watching her, what do you think happens next?